Slacken the lockring (A) and turn the adjuster (B) in or out as required

until the idle speed listed in this Chapter's Specifications is obtained. Turn the screw clockwise to increase idle speed, and anti­clockwise to decrease it.

4 Snap the throttle open and shut a few times, then recheck the Idle speed. If necessary, repeat the adjustment procedure.

5 If a smooth, steady idle can't te achieved, the fuel/air mixture may be Incorrect (see Chapter 4) or the carburettors may need synchronising (see Section 17).

3 Brake pads- wear check |b.

1 A quick check of the brake pads can be made without removing them from the caliper. The amount of pad wear can be judged by looking at the pads from the rear of the caliper (both front and rear) (see illustrations).A cutout in the friction material indicates the wear limit (see illustration).

2If either pad has worn down to. or beyond the cutout in the friction material, both pads must be renewed as a set. If the pads are dirty or if you are In doubt as to the amount of friction material remaining, remove them for inspection (see Chapter 7). Note:Some after-market pads may use different indicators to those on the original equipment as shown.

3 Refer to Chapter 7 for details of pad renewal.

4 Clutch-fk

check and adjustment f§

1Check that the clutch cable operates smoothly and easily.

2 If the clutch lever operation is heavy or stiff, remove the cable (see Chapter 2) and lubricate it (see Section 6). If the cable is still stiff, renew it. Install the lubricated or new cable (see Chapter 2).

3 With the cable operating smoothly, check that the clutch lever is correctly adjusted. Periodic adjustment is necessary to compensate for wear in the clutch plates and stretch of the cable. Check that the amount of freeplay at the clutch lever end is within the specifications listed at the beginning of the Chapter (see illustration).

4If adjustment is required, loosen the adjuster lockring at the top of the cable and turn the adjuster in or out until the required amount of freeplay is obtained (see illustration).To increase freeplay, turn the adjuster clockwise. To reduce freeplay, turn the adjuster anti-clockwise. Tighten the locking ring securely.

5 If all the adjustment has been taken up at the lever, reset the adjuster to give the maximum amount of freeplay, then set the correct amount of freeplay using the adjuster nuts on each end of the threaded section in the cable bracket on the clutch cover on the

right-hand side of the engine (see illustration).Remove the right-hand fairing side panel and the lower fairing as required to access the adjuster nuts (see Chapter 8). To increase freeplay, slacken the front nut and tighten the rear nut until the freeplay is as specified, then tighten the front nut against the bracket. To reduce freeplay, slacken the rear nut and tighten the front nut until the freeplay is as specified, then tighten the rear nut against thebracket. Subsequent adjustments can now be made using the lever adjuster only.

5 Spark plug gaps- |Ы

check and adjustment

1 Make sure your spark plug socket is the correct size before attempting to remove the plugs - a suitable one is supplied in themotorcycle's tool kit which is stored under the seat.

2 To access the spark plugs, remove the fairing side panels isee Chapter 8). Also remove the radiator lower mounting bolt(s), then release the radiator lower hose from its clip and swing the radiator forward (see illustrations).

3Clean the area around the plug caps to prevent any dirt falling into the spark plug channels.

4 Check that the cylinder location is marked

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