NTUU “KPI” Faculties and Institutes

Among the faculties of KPI there is the Faculty of Information and Computing Technique that trains students in such fields of technology as: cybernetics, automation, and computing technique. The Faculty of Electric Power Engineering and Automation trains specialists in electrical networks and electric systems, power plants, high voltage technique, cybernetics of electrical systems. At the Faculty of Radio Engineering young people get their diplomas of engineers in designing radio-electric devices. The students of the Faculty of Physical Engineering will become metallurgists and specialists in metal science, powder metallurgy and others.

A number of new economic and humanitarian faculties - Management and Marketing, Law and Sociology, Linguistics were formed besides traditional technical faculties. They provide opportunities for young people to obtain besides technical specialties, the second higher education in humanities or economic field and to become a qualified interpreter or a manager. NTUU “KPI” education meets the standards of the world-known universities at a reasonable tuition fee.

The University has its Preparatory Faculty where foreign entrants, within 10 months’ course learn Ukrainian, Russian, English, Mathematics, Physics, Biology and other subjects in the scope that is necessary for further mastering of the university program.

Some Institutes were organized on the NTUU “KPI” basis. Among them there are: Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design, National Aviation University, Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine and others.

Task 7. Make up word combinations with the following words and translate them into Ukrainian:
1. teaching a) institution
2. numerous b) engine
3. outstanding c) metallurgy
4. educational d) athlete
5. aeroplane e) enterprises
6. powder f) scientist
7. rated g) technique
8. measuring h) staff

Task 8. Translate the following words and word combinations into Ukrainian:

abroad, to be situated, to exceed, to obtain qualification in, research institute, graduates, numerous enterprises, teaching staff, highly qualified, scientific degrees, corresponding members of the Academy of Sciences, full-time students, tuition by correspondence, to be accommodated in, married students, to be provided with, to be founded, enrolment, mechanics and strength of materials, the founder of electric welding, metallurgist, engine, designer of spaceships, to be engaged in, human society, protection of the environment, up to date technologies, energy saving, exploration of human resources, to reveal opportunities, higher education, to meet the standards, foreign entrants, to carry out, agreements on collaboration, to have at disposal, decease-prevention centre, to take care, well-organized leisure, bringing up young specialists, consecration into students, to take place, to go in for different kinds of sport, rated athletes.

Task 9. Translate the following sentences into English:
1. В НТУУ “КПІ” студенти отримують кваліфікацію за багатьма спеціальностями.
2. Випускники НТУУ “КПІ” стають фахівцями в різних галузях промисловості, серед яких: кібернетика, комп’ютерні технології, інженерія, металургія та інші.
3. Студенти навчаються 5 років і 6 місяців.
4. В інституті працюють видатні науковці та спеціалісти.
5. Багато студентів НТУУ “КПІ” приїхали з різних країн Європи, Африки та Азії.
6. Щорічно НТУУ “КПІ” підписує угоди та договори з іноземними партнерами.
7. Кафедри проводять науково-дослідну роботу.
8. Багато відомих спортсменів навчались в НТУУ “КПІ”.
Task 10. Put the verb to be in the necessary form:

1. I _____ a freshman.

2. She _____ a very diligent student.

3. Studying at the NTUU “KPI”_____ a hard and interesting task for all students.

4. Our students _____ proud of their University.

5. We _____ the champions in the sphere of knowledge.

6. There _____ a book on the table.

7. There _____ two measuring devices.

8. There _____ an article about atoms and two scientific works.

Task 11. Put the following words into the correct order to make sentences:

1. educational, one, Ukraine, of, higher, the oldest, is, The, institutions, in, KPI.

2. the rector, executive, head, The, a university, of, is.

3. academic, highest, Philosophy, is, the Doctor, The, of, degree.

4. KPI, studied, of, people, at the, number, A, large, prominent.

Task 12. Answer the following questions:

  1. When was the Institute founded?
  2. How many departments did the Institute have? Enumerate them.
  3. Who was the first rector of the Institute?
  4. Who was the President of the First Examining Board?
  5. What Institutes were organized on the KPI basis?

Task 13. Make up 10 questions about the present-day NTUU “KPI”.
Task 14. A school leaver is going to enter a University or an Institute and asks for your advice. Tell him about the NTUU “KPI”. Don’t forget about the following:

× The place of the NTUU “KPI” among the higher educational institutions of Ukraine;

× Faculties and Institutes of the University;

× Career opportunities for University graduates.

Task 15. You are going to take part in the students’ international conference “Modern Education”. Write a report on the topic: The National Technical University of Ukraine “KPI”.

The following information can be included:

× The foundation of KPI.

× The present day status of the NTUU “KPI”.

× Famous people who worked and studied in the NTUU “KPI”

× Buildings, dormitories, sports facilities.

× The international scientific and technological co-operation of the University.

Words and word combinations to be memorized:
abroad за кордоном
aircraft technology авіаційна технологія
annually щорічно
automation автоматизація
branch галузь, підрозділ
computing technique обчислювальна техніка
consequence наслідок, результат
contemporary development сучасний розвиток
cybernetics кібернетика
department кафедра
designer розробник
disease-prevention centre поліклініка, профілакторій
dormitory гуртожиток
electric welding електрозварювання
enterprise підприємство
entrant абітурієнт, новачок, відвідувач
exploration дослідження, вивчення
healthy and strong здоровий і сильний
higher educational institution вищий освітній заклад
metals and alloys метали і сплави
powder metallurgy порошкова металургія
radio-electric devices радіо електричні прилади
relations відносини
research institution дослідницький інститут
scientific degree науковий ступінь
strength of materials міцність матеріалів
to exceed перевищувати
to obtain отримувати
to sign підписувати
up to date trends сучасні напрямки

Task 1. List the famous Ukrainian scientists you know. Combine your list with the others in your group and discuss their role in the development of science in Ukraine.
Task 2. What sciences do you prefer to study? Why? Present you opinion in a few words.
Task 3. Before reading the text pay attention to the pronunciation of the letter ‘g’:

a) suggest, geological, emergence, mineralogist, geochemistry, geologist, large, bridge, engineering, technologies, metallurgy, energy, digital, engine;

b) slag, gradual, group, organization, significant, gas, recognize, grow, great, big, global, begin, integral, goods, manganese, grain, agriculture;

c) design, sign, foreign, highly, light, tight, night.

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