Complete the chart by the missing English or Ukrainian version of the phrase.

Thank you for the letter of (date) Дякую Вам за лист від…
We have received your letter of… and have pleasure in giving you full information on…
I refer to your letter dated… 3 приводу Вашого листа від…
In reply to your letter of... we wish to inform you…
Пишемо Вам, щоб повідомити деталі з приводу…
I am writing to make you an offer of… Пишемо Вам з метою запропонувати…
Звертаємося до Вас зі спеціальною пропозицією…
Thank you very much for the order received this morning.
Many thanks tor sending us an order for... Дякуємо Вам за розміщення у нас замовлення на…
We are writing to confirm our arrangement…
Просимо вибачити за…
Please accept our apologies for…
We very much regret to say that… Повідомляємо Вас, що на жаль…
Шкодуємо з приводу затримки ...

Pre-reading tasks____________________________________________________

9. What kind of business letters do you know? List them in Ukrainian in writing.

Here are some other basic business letters which you will find useful for typical English business correspondence: Official letters, Informal letter, Letters of Thanks, Letters of Congratulation, Letters of Condolence, Letters of Introduction, Making a Sale , Placing an Order, Making a Claim, Adjusting a Claim, Making an Enquiry, Writing a Cover Letter when Applying for a Job.

There are some examples of these letters.

Reading tasks_______________________________________________________

10. Read the text to find out the types of English business letter.

Letters of Thanks

If you have received the hospitality of a friend, for a weekend or longer, courtesy requires you write a note of thanks within two or three days after your return home. The fact that you soon and enthusiastically thanked your hostess before leaving does not count. You must express your appreciation in writing. This is a so-called “duty” note which is expected of you (which you must write). It has become known as a “bread-and-butter” letter because it thanks hostess for the hospitality she has provided.

Here is an example:

Dear Mrs. Novak, I’d like you to know how much the week-end at your lovely house in Southampton has meant to me. I not only enjoyed myself immensely, but I feel relaxed and refreshed as I have not it in months. Many thanks to you and Mr. Novak for asking me. Sincerely, Ivan Brovko

Letters of Congratulation

Letters of congratulation should be cheerful messages. They may be brief and formal, or they may be chatty and informal-depending on the circumstances. It may be congratulation on winning an honour or distinction, etc.

Dear Mr. Walley, My warm congratulations to you on your election as President of the State Medical Association. It is a fine tribute from your colleagues, and a reward you richly deserve for your many years of splendid service to the profession and to the people of the state. My very best wishes to you. Sincerely yours, Ivan Brovko.

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