Halloween Pumpkin Sculptures

Last weekend, 1.visitors to the New York 2.Botanical Garden had a real VISIT/BOTANY

treat. That's because in 3.addition to admiring the 4.beautiful exhibits, ADD/BEAUTY

they got a chance to see the Michelangelo of pumpkin 5.carvers, Ray CARVE

Villafane. The team of pumpkin 6.carvers began the weekend with a CARVE

7.demonstration at the city's Grand Central Station, where thousands of DEMONSTRATE

8.commuters got a chance to see them sculpt a grotesquely large pumpkin COMMUTE

into an amazingly detailed Halloween zombie. They then moved their

efforts to the garden, where they continued their 9.scary creations. The SCARE

10.carvings are part of the garden's annual Haunted Pumpkin Garden CARVE

11.Festival. While the pumpkin maestro is now 12.famous for his extraordinary FESTIVE/FAME

carving talents, Ray's path to this 13.unusual hobby was quite 14.accidental. USUAL/ ACCIDENT

After graduating he decided to pursue a career as an art 15.teacher. Then he TEACH

decided to try his hand at 16.professional sculpting - not 17.boring wax PROFESSION/ BORE

figures, but fun Marvel characters. He was so good that he left his 18.teachingTEACH

job and joined DC comics as a full-time 19.sculptor of wax prototypes of SCULPT

toys and 20.action figures. Though pumpkin carving remained his 21.favourite ACT/ FAVOUR

hobby, only the locals knew how good he was until 2007, when he was invited to Food 22.competition which he won. Today, Ray's Halloween pumpkinsCOMPETE

are world-known.

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