Special requirements

All equipment supplied by the Contractor, materials, structures, systems and cables used for work implementation, as well as special accessories, tools and instruments necessary for operation and maintenance of the newly installed equipment at the SS , shall be certified in Ukraine according to Ukrainian national requirements.

The measuring instruments shall be registered in the State Register of measuring devices approved for use in Ukraine.

All supplied equipment, structures, fittings, measuring instruments and materials shall be new, unused, have standard manufacturer's design. They shall be designed taking into account the latest the codes and standards, and manufactured using state-of-the-art technologies.

The Contractor shall confirm quality and origin of the goods by the corresponding type test certificates.

During construction, transportation, storage at the Employer's warehouse, as well as during assembly, installation, acceptance testing, commissioning and trial operation, the Contractor shall comply with all requirements specified in the latest editions of Ukrainian normative documents regarding the following aspects:

а) labour protection ;

b) fire safety;

c) environment protection safety.

The Contractor shall own or have guaranteed access (by means of rent, leasing, sales contract, availability of production facilities or otherwise) in the Employer's country to all load-lifting mechanisms and accessories), machines, mechanisms, equipment and accessories, which shall be fully functional and capable of performing all kinds of works.

The Contractor shall have all the tools, materials and equipment needed for temporary operations, such as de-energization, dismantling, disconnection, connection, transfer, which may be required during installation.

All equipment supplied by the Contractor shall:

a) be designed in such a way, in order to ensure reliable and continuous operation in the climatic conditions of the substation`s location;

b) guarantee reliable operation;

c) have the required insulation level;

d) withstand possible mechanical impacts (load and voltage variations) that may occur during this substation`s operation.

The Contractor shall provide sufficient amount of operation and maintenance instructions or manuals in Russian or Ukrainian language for the supplied equipment, as-built drawings, supply of all mandatory spare parts, special tools and repair equipment.

All supplied high-voltage equipment, AC and DC auxiliary equipment shall have possibility of integration into the APCS of the substation.

The detailed technical characteristics of the supplied equipment are given in the corresponding Sheets of Volume III "Technical Data Sheets"

34.2 GIS – 330 кВ и GIS – 110 кВ

GIS must be supplied with all necessary terminal boxes, priming of insulating gas, power wiring and management, grounding, device of monitoring of closeness of insulating gas and support structure. Size of supplied with the preliminary collected sections must be so large, as far as it is practical possibly for transporting.

A capacity, tests and estimation of GIS, must correspond the versions of next editions of IEC:

Description Norms and standards
General descriptions for switchgears and switching substation of high tension. IEC 62271-1
GIS of nominal tension of 52kV and higher IEC 62271-203
High-voltage switches of alternating current IEC 62271-100
Isolating switch and ground-wire of alternating current IEC 62271-102
High-voltage isolating switch of alternating current IEC 62271-108
Current transformers IEC 61869-1 / -2
Inductive transformers of tension IEC 61869-1 / -3
Metal-oxide terminators of overstrain without spark intervals for the systems of alternating current IEC 60099-4
Isolated input`s for variable tensions higher 1000V IEC 60137
Insulating gas SF6 IEC60376
Partial charge IEC 60270
Direct connection of transformers of high tension IEC/TR2 61639
High-voltage cable connection IEC 62271-209
Carcass under constraint CENELEC EN50052 und EN 50064

Nominal parameters of completed GIS must be in accordance with Table of technical requirements.

All current-conduction components of equipment must be expected for the protracted work at nominal currents without exceeding of maximal temperature, marked in the proper standards of IEC.

GIS supplier must have at least 20 years of experience in planning, production, setting and putting into the operation of insulating gas equipment for the use in networks 110 kV and higher.

A period of free technical service for any external component GIS must be no less than 5 years. For internal components, including the gas refuelling, this term must be no less than 10 years. A supplier must offer the recommended period of service.

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