Exercise 21. Translate into Russian paying attention to the use of absolute constructions.

1. "These big gates," said Beverly-Jones as he showed Poppleton round the place with me trailing beside them, "we only put up this year." (S.L.) 2. I remember … a charming Renoir of a young girl in profile with long yellow hair hanging down her back. (S.M.) 3. It is as well that Lady Bolingbroke lies at last in piece in that beautiful church, with the sun pouring down on her through the splendid Brangwyn east window. (K.B.P.) 4. He left with Felt dogging him to talk more of nuitrition. (E.S.) 5. With Egan Jeffers watching, Mel crossed to the car-rental booth. (A.H.) 6. Then I turned and looked again at the grey desolation of the street with the asbestos figures moving here and there. (S.L.) 7. If this were an American film it would be in the inspirational "Stand and Deliver" genre, with the kids winning the calculus contest at the end. (H.B.) 8. Her new film, "Me, Let's Hope I Make it" is similar to a ghetto drama, with the teacher taking the kids off the street and getting them into the class-room. (H.B.) 9. When we got under the colonnade, Mr. Kenge left us in the fog, with the Lord Chancellor's carriage and servants waiting for him to come out. (Ch.D.) 10. They both looked up when I came in, and I saw in the young lady, with the fire shining upon her, such a beautiful girl! (Ch.D.) 11. All four of them chatted animatedly about the house once they were in the car, with Marius following in the truck with their bags. (D.S.) 12. The rest of the week rolled by, with them all eating dinner at home. (D.S.) 13. They'd already agreed between the two of them that with Neville getting him (Duncan), it was only fair that Archie get his firstborn. (J.L.) 14. With his bodyguards wielding assault rifles he (Mr.Abbas) was hustled through a crowd of demonstrators. (D.T.) 15.Looking out of the window of our hotel room, there was a wonderful range of mountains. (M.Swan) 16. Coming out of the blue as it (the suggestion) did, I did not quite know how to reply to such a suggestion. (K.I.) 17. Now, seeing each other for the first time – Neville had paused in the doorway and moved no further. (J.L.) 18. Looking back, it sometimes occurred to her that if they had understood each other's point of view better in the beginning, they might have compromised. (A.H.) 19. While warming my fingers at the fire my eyes were arrested by a beautiful portrait hanging above the mantelpiece. (M.F.) 20. Being almost full grown when we started to milk, and then plunging heavily into the exercise, it had a painful effect upon us. (M.F.)

Exercise 22. Make up absolute constructions introduced by "with" from the words in brackets.

1. And that had been a disaster, with (Tracy, to cry, and then, her father, to cry). 2. But with (the snow, to fall, steadily), it was entirely impossible to find a taxi. 3. There are great trees with (their branches, to stretch long and level, and, to make a deep shade) even at noon. 4. Agathe hummed to herself, with (one of her puddles, to prance, behind her). 5. This is a hell of a Christmas, with (my family, to expect me) home an hour ago. 6. He was sitting up in bed, with (a bright overhead light, to illuminate) a crimson nightcap. 7. And then, with (his hand, to jerk), he gave me a wicked newspaper to read. 8. The wage gap between men and women is also narrowing with (women's average salaries, to rise faster) than men's.

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