Cat Dodgers

Three cat burglars __________(to think) that they __________ (to have) a good idea – to climb down a chimney to get into a clothing store. The trouble __________(to be), the fireplace __________(to brick) up. One of them __________(to get stuck) at the bottom of a 15 feet shaft. The others had to wave from the rooftop until they _________(to catch) the eye of a passing policeman. Firemen __________(to break down) the fireplace at the store to help the man out.

b) Discuss the following:

1. Which of these criminals do you think was the most stupid?

2. Do you know any other funny stories or jokes about criminals?

Task 21.a) Unscramble these words.

IOSGGBNNLE - _______________

TTEEIRDSCR - _______________

DOIPEHTRBI - _______________

b) Use all three words to make a sentence of your own.

Task 22. Make a written translation of the text and think about the title for it.

The illicit drug trade is truly international, spanning the globe. Drug traffickers are not confined by national boundaries; they transport their goods through many countries and often market their wares in several nations.

To be effective in combating this trade, an individual customs service cannot stand alone. It must work with other agencies, both nationally and internationally to share information and intelligence on all aspects of the drug trade to improve their capability to target suspect passengers or cargo. This includes general information on such topics as the routings, concealment methods and modus operandi as well as more precise information on specific smuggling activities where individuals or organizations are being targeted.

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